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Mark Williams strips off after beating John Higgins in World Snooker Championship final


On the heels of one of the most thrilling World Snooker Championship finals ever, Williams celebrated in his own unique style after winning 18 frames to 16

When an unclothed Williams was asked how it felt to be world champion during the post-match press conference, he admitted that “it feels a little bit uncomfortable at the minute.” As he entered the press conference, he remarked: “Cold in here isn’t it?”

Williams, often nicknamed the Welsh Potting Machine by fans, said that if he won he would attend the conference naked with just a towel to cover his modesty.

A celebration was certainly in order, since Williams, at 43, became the oldest winner of the World Championship in 40 years.

Last year he did not even qualify for the finals, and at one stage was seriously contemplating giving it all up, which shows just how much he’s turned his game around.

Williams said: “It’s an unbelievable story. Twelve months ago I was thinking about chucking it, and here I am doing an interview having won the 2018 World Championship, naked.

“If I won this again next year I’d do this again – I’d cartwheel round here naked.

“I’m going to party the night away. Last time I won it I think I had half a pint of milk and went to bed. I’m not going to bed this time – it’ll be daylight before I get to bed.”

Williams has won the World Championship twice before, his first title in 2000 and his second in 2003. 15 years later he has won his third.

Image source: The Irish Times.

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