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Use your outdoor space to its full potential!


Small back gardens and outdoor spaces can often be left neglected with the misconceptions that they lack the vital space needed in which to enjoy, grow or relax. However, you don’t need a huge outdoor space to soak up some Vitamin D! Instead, enjoy your own unique haven in its very own way – no matter how small the space

Small Areas

A great way to save space and enjoy an array of spring flowers in small areas is to use tiered planters, which will maximise the ground space you have available. Tiered planters are also great for enclosing areas; perfect for a glass balcony or terrace. Simply pop in the corner and grow some of your favourite flowers and shrubs. You can even turn this into a mini veggie garden, with a row for herbs, a row for vegetables and then finally a row for fruits; you will definitely be getting your five a day!


Use trellis along any walls and boundaries to grow climbing plants filling your garden with colour; it’s also a great way to enclose any spaces as well as attract those beautiful butterflies! You could even install trellis and hang pots from the frame; perfect for creating a vertical herb garden. If you don’t have any pots to hand then you could always use tins and jars for your flowers and herbs.

Make your own

Paint an old pallet, stand up length ways and put your favourite flowers on display! The vertical display takes up little space, is cost efficient and you can even change the flowers each season, keeping things fresh as daisies – literally!


If you want to make things extra quirky, then why not up-cycle an old unused chest of drawers? Simply give it a touch of weather-resistant paint and turn it into a unique and colourful planter. Ensure that you drill some holes in the bottom of each drawer to allow for any water drainage. This makes a great alternative to a tiered planter and can be a real unique feature to your garden.


Choosing colour wisely is especially important when it comes to small spaces as vibrant flowers and dashes of colour can make a small garden feel much lighter and larger. Hot colours, like reds can often make a space feel intimate, whilst cooler blues and purples can add depth. You don’t want to over complicate things too much though so choose summery colours and match your furniture to your pots. A beautiful blue can create a real Mediterranean feel; if the sun’s out you may even feel like you are on holiday in a tropical destination!


Attracting wildlife will also help bring your small garden to life, so put up some bird boxes and feeding stations. You can even make your own bird feeder by using a teacup and saucer, creating a very unique and pretty attraction to your garden. Simply glue the teacup to the saucer sideways – this will make it look as if the bird food has spilled out of the cup onto the saucer – attach either ribbon or string and hang up. Remember to use extra strong weather proof glue!

Seating Area

You may not have the space or even the money for an outdoor sofa but you can still create a seating area by using crates. Cover these with comfy cushions and snuggly blankets – perfect for a balcony. A hammock is also a great way to save on space as during the colder months it can be taken down and simply folded away; not only that but they are great to lay back and relax in, whilst listening to the birds chirp on a summer afternoon – with a glass (or two) of Pimms of course!


Minimise your storage areas to create space for either further planting or seating areas. Not only does it create more space but it also forces you to declutter your shed and say ‘good riddance’ to a whole lot of unnecessary tools and other garden junk; sell these at a car-boot sale or donate them to a charity, as one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Some benches and outdoor garden seats often have dual purposes and have sneaky storage underneath; ideal for storing away your garden bits while saving space.

Entertaining Space

If you have a small paved area, like a balcony or a terrace, which can sometimes look a bit grey and gloomy, use a weather proofed mat or wooden interlocking flooring to add texture and colour to your haven. This can really change the look and feel of a space as it adds extra comfort and is extremely attractive.

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