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‘Tis the season for selling and buying


At this time of year, people looking at selling or buying a home can get the winter blues, but recent figures show that there is no better time than the festive season to go for the big move

In 2015, Rightmove revealed a significant increase of traffic to their website between Christmas day and New Year’s from previous years. A whopping 14 million page views were recorded on Christmas day, and 100,000 people took time away from their festivities to email agents.

The Christmas period is often seen as a quiet time on the property market, so people wait until the new year comes around. However, those presumptions are not always true, and putting your property up early can prove rewarding.

Top tips for buying and selling

As the festive season is fast approaching, time is of the essence for anyone looking at selling or buying. However, there is still a window of opportunity, and we have some handy tips to ensure your move can be achieved.

Keep your decorations simple – We all like decorations at Christmas. However, too many decorations may put off potential buyers. Likewise, if you’re looking to buy, then you don’t want to give yourself more things to pack and move to your new home.

Appoint a solicitor – This is essential for a quick move. Speak to us for help on appointing the right solicitor. You don’t want to jeopardise your big move.

Be prepared – At this time of year businesses are out of action at different times. So, ensure you book all the essential companies, such as removal companies, you need for the big move.

Gardening – A well presented garden can help sell a house. So, if you’ve deserted your flowers since the end of summer, spruce it with some simple maintenance. For example, pick out any weeds or overgrown shrubs.

Be flexible – Around Christmas time, people tend to be busy, so if somebody offers you a house viewing late in the evening, or on a weekend, try your best to say yes. The sooner the house visit, the sooner the sale can move onto the next stage.

Looking to sell? Put your house on the market before January

January sees a surge of properties on the market, increasing competition, making it easier to sell your home. Less competition is perfect for you as the seller, especially if there are prospective buyers out there looking for a quick purchase. Getting your home sold early during the festive period will not only save you time, but it will help you relax over the holidays.

When selling a property, it helps to clear out clutter. However, this doesn’t mean that you must have an empty house over Christmas. Utilise your storage space to hide away any furniture, and make sure that you only keep the essentials in the home. Making other arrangements for Christmas lunch will avoid having extra tables and chairs in the house, and of course, the washing up!

You can still decorate your house over Christmas, but ensure you match it to your colour scheme, and don’t cover up or hide any selling features. Instead of a large tree, a small table-top tree will add some festiveness, without overcrowding the room. House hunters will be imagining their furniture in your home, and excessive Christmas decorations could hide a room’s potential.

Looking to buy?

The figures from Rightmove prove that people can browse homes online anytime, anywhere. Imagine relaxing on Christmas day, knowing you don’t need to worry about your house move, and you can start the new year in a stress-free way.

You may have put ‘new house’ right at the top of your Christmas list. The seller, like you, will be looking for a quick and smooth sale. With both parties pushing for a quick sale, you could be looking at a significantly easier and smoother move.

The colder and darker months may put people off going on house visits, meaning less competition and less ‘open houses’, which could mean less pressure to buy straight away, providing a more relaxed way to buy a home. This could ultimately lead to a great chance to negotiate a price to suit you both.

And for those who buy to let, you will have ample time to prepare for one of the busiest rental periods of the year – January!

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