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International Chocolate Week


14-19th October


Is there any better smell to fill a house than the aroma of melted chocolate? The rich, tantalising scent draws in chocolate lovers young and old. The 14-19th October marks International Chocolate Week, the perfect excuse to celebrate this festival and fill your home with chocolatey goodness!


Why not kick off your celebrations by impressing others with some unusual chocolate facts?



On that note, why not try out this recipe for the ultimate hot chocolate? Get it ready for your next house viewing or simply enjoy whenever you feel the need to relax and indulge…

This recipe makes 16 servings so save the chocolate mix for when you next fancy it. Blitz 200g dark chocolate in a food processor. Next, add 100g cocoa powder, 100g icing sugar, 50g cornflour, 50g Horlicks and a pinch of sea salt. Pulse until mixed. Decant into an air-tight container.  For each mug, add two tablespoons of your mixture to a mug of milk and simmer over a medium heat, stirring regularly so it thickens. Enjoy.

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