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Back to school made easy!


It’s never too early to get organised! Here are some of the best back to school essentials available


Lily & Dan girls trousers, available in 3 colours

From £2.49


Aldi’s special buy Offer allows parents to buy the whole uniform for £5. Including 2 x polos, a sweatshirt and skirt or trousers!

From £5


Girls skirt with permanent pleats, available in 5 colours

From £9


3 Pack boys slim fit easy iron shirt, available in 2 colours

From £9


Grey bow detail skater school pinafore dress

From £6



And these…


Lego lunch box



Unicorn star backpack

From £10


Triple up hardtop pencil case, available in 2 styles



Rachel Ellen Mermaid water bottle



Personalised tools for school pencil case



Unisex waterproof school bag, available in six colours

From £15.99

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